two pasty crescents, descending

as soon as i see them wriggling out
from under their overwhelmed jean-skirt
levee i cross myself and beg forgiveness
for the underaged ass i have ogled
for these are the suburbs and around here only
sixteen-year-olds with their ample
asses and limited assets are found
standing on street corners on monday
nights in such wholesale attire

and only in the suburbs does this in
no way suggest solicitation
instead simply an impromptu
street party over which the semi-nudes
preside until their fathers swoop in and
desperately yank them into rusted minivans
leaving the party to the boys
and their ladders of flesh, still one
rung away from the glow of the moon
and the admiration of the stars
which turn for home, now,
wink out one by one.

from the Spring 2007 issue of One Cool Word

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