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marta and i are moving to the drive on July 1st, though with all our friends in the area we do everything but sleep it there as it is.

not surprisingly, we found ourselves back on the drive for the car-free fest this Sunday. i was volunteering for Oxfam, but spent the good majority of my time at the great great commercial drive bookstores buying cheap cheap books at low low car-free fest sale prices. i ended up lugging home Beyond Remembering: The Collected Poems of Al Purdy (Al Purdy), Active Trading: Selected Poems 1970-1995 (Gary Geddes), and the latest issue of One Cool Word.

so far, i've only made it through the One Cool Word issue (the slimmest of the three), which is pretty darn good. it features the poem, and a short story with the line "Her father was from France and her mother was from Spain, so you can only imagine" (from "My Fifth Girlfriend," Nathan Sellyn), which is great.

my book collection is getting a little silly. i even have a poetry collection with a foreword by Kelly Hrudey. maybe i'll open a lending library. i'll make enough in overdue fines to buy a few more books...

along those lines, now that i'm not at SFU and can rarely peruse the AMAZING 6th floor periodicals, i'm planning on subscribing to a poetry mag or two. anyone have recommendations? best bang for your buck?

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