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The New Quarterly has a blog, eh? And they're starting up a few little projects. One is a response to the James Moore Magazine Thing, where they are gathering descriptions of magazines that will be affected by the cuts. The other is a collection of "rejection letter stories".

Both should be interesting once they get going. Ok, mostly the second one. But the first could have its moments, too.

My favorite form rejection letter came to me from a rather big Canadian lit mag, and said, in full:

Thank you for your submission. We received about --- submissions for our --- issue, and therefore were not able to accept all of the fantastic work we saw. We are, however, currently accepting submissions for ---. The deadline is ---; check out http://---.com/ for more information. In the meantime, check out Issue --- which will be in stores soon!
They were so polite that they avoided actually rejecting my work (how Canadian!). Instead, they told me that they had to reject some people. Maybe they were feeling anxiety about that (how incredibly Canadian!) and had to get it off their chests by telling someone. I was glad that I could assist them (how spectacularly Canadian!).

I'm still waiting to see whether they will be rejecting my submission, specifically. I have a feeling I may be waiting a while...


melissa said...

Hi Rob,
The ladies at TNQ headquarters are laughing out loud at your rejection letter. Do you mind if I quote it in full as an installment of my fledgling series--with a link to your blog, of course? If this is kosher, please email me a bio to use to introduce you, as I am unfamiliar with your writing outside of your blog.

Always enjoy your wit,

Melissa. circulation [at] tnq.ca

Rob Taylor said...

Of course - email sent!