vancouver lit leaders? think quick!

A note from Pandora's Collective (note that the deadline is today, not sure why the short notice...):

Pandora’s would like to recognize certain individuals who have had an impact on the literary community over the years. We will be giving out four special achievement awards [at the Summer Dreams Literary Festival in August] and would like you to tell us who you think deserves them. We have a committee in place to go over your input and sort through who you think should receive one of these awards. Finally as I am Executive Director I will be picking one individual that I think should be recognized in the community for their commitment and work.

But now it is your turn. Really think about whom it is you think needs to be recognized. It can be for the quality of their work, the support they have given emerging writers, their tireless endeavors to keep a reading or spoken word event going or their continued workshops that have made a difference in your life. We want to know who you think these people are.

Send us their name and three sentences about why you think it is they should receive special recognition. If you have a contact for this person that would help.

But don’t take to long to think about it. All submissions for consideration should be sent to blnish_pandoras@yahoo.ca by Wednesday February 17th [UPDATE: DEADLINE NOW FEB. 26th].

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daniela elza said...

The deadline has been now extended to midnight Feb. 26th.