oh goodness things are happening

My dear friend Agnes Gulbinowicz has written a post for Beyond Robson about David Zieroth and my reading tomorrow night. It features some kind words from Agnes, some moderately coherent thoughts on poetry from me, and a good deal of hype from both of us. You can read it here.

The post also lets slip a secret I've known for a few days: that I won the WFNB's Alfred G. Bailey manuscript contest! Perhaps you are not aware of how insane this is. This is very, very insane. I staggered around my yard hyperventilating for fifteen minutes after hearing the news. It was as though I had stumbled upon an animal which God did not intend (I'm talking about you, platypus) - things like this just don't happen to me. Incredible thanks to the WFNB and to this year's judge, Mark Callanan, for believing in this here hyperventilating platypus.

And to suspend reality a little further, I get to read with a GG-winner tomorrow night. AAAAAH! The details:
Spoken Ink Reading Series
Tuesday, April 20th, 8:00 PM
La Fontana Caffe
101 - 3701 East Hastings, Burnaby
Featuring: David Zieroth and myself

Hope to see you there!


Caitlin said...

Congratulations Rob!! I'm proud of you!

Agnes said...

Me too Rob! So happy for you and very proud :)

Taryn Hubbard said...

Fantastic news! Congrats :)

thecanadaproject said...

Congratulations Rob! The Canucks need to start reading your work. Renee Saklikar

mtaylor said...

Still beaming :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and I will definitely see you tomorrow night!

stephmer said...

Robbie that's fantastic! Congrats, you deserve it.

Jjumba said...

The sweetness of success! I join you in the joyfulness. Congratulations Rob!

daniela elza said...

OMG i am right there with you in the yard.
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! (and i do not use exclamation marks).
Enjoy every minute of it, Rob. You deserve it, and I am so proud.

(sorry will miss the reading tonight. I will be reading at the JCC, if I am there you will know I have figured out how to clone myself.) :-)

Rob Taylor said...

Thanks, everyone, for the support - it means a lot. And I appreciate all the exclamation marks!

Daniela, I hope the JCC reading goes well tonight, and that both our readings go better than yesterday's hockey game. I don't think reading my poetry would do the Canucks much good, Renee, but smacking them around the head with a book might not be a bad idea...