Poet Tips

Not reading enough poets already? I know, I know, what a silly question.

Robert Peake, mastermind behind the Transatlantic Poetry Reading Series, has just the thing for you, oh insatiable poetry fan.

Poet Tips is a new website devoted to making connections between poets. If you like a poet, you can look them up and find recommendations of other, similar poets, as suggested by users. You can also do the suggesting yourself.

I'm sure eventually the Poetry Wars will consume this good-hearted effort, as they do so many things, and soon top recommendations for contentious poets will be Adolf Hitler, Ayn Rand, This Guy Blows, etc. But for now the site is innocent and beautiful and open for play.

So go find, and create, some new connections over at Poet Tips!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention, Rob.

I review every single contribution to the site, and allow users to "flag" anything inappropriate to bring it to my attention even sooner. I'm also assembling a small team of moderators to help out with this effort, so that the "poetry wars" don't overtake the usefulness of the site.

The whole thing rests on two simple guidelines: http://poet.tips/terms/

So far, so good...