a roll of nickels year in review

This here blog turned 11 in 2017 and it's now a full-blown tween. Moody and unpredictable, it can't even get its year-in-review post finished before the year's end. Still, here are the Roll of Nickels highlights from the (generally awful beyond the poetry) year that was!

January 2017: sincerity, music, risk - An Interview with Tim Bowling

"Aren’t we all insiders and outsiders, attracted and repelled by the world?" - Tim Bowling

April 2017: BC Poetry 2017

Year Two of the BC Poetry series saw 21 participating presses and 31 profiled books. My hope is to grow this even further in 2018!

May 2017: Nora Gould's Letter to a Young Mother

"There was never time for writing until I decided to do it then I fit it in and worked." - Nora Gould

September 2017: The If Borderlands: Reflections on the Poems of Elise Partridge

Not technically a Roll of Nickels post, as it ran over at PRISM international, but very much in the spirit of this blog, which has celebrated Partridge a great deal.

October 2017: between nostalgia and mainstream unease - An Interview with Chris Banks

"Perhaps you can’t live there, but you can see through to the strange terrain of the past even if the present moment bars the way." - Chris Banks

October 2017: throwing a little light on it - An Interview with Patricia Young

"The “big” subjects can sometimes be best explored when a little levity is introduced." - Patricia Young

November 2017: collapsed into something coherent - An Interview with Chimwemwe Undi

"This is something I see here in Canada: an attempt to decolonize without unmaking the colony...”" - Chimwemwe Undi

Most of the rest of the year was reading announcements and poetry quotes, quotes, quotes. I added 29 new ones this year, bringing the running total well past 400, with 500 in my sights in 2018. You can read all the quotes on poetry posted on this site here, or pick them out by individual author on the sidebar over there ----->

Oh, and in 2017 I also somewhat unexpectedly published a book, submitting it as a chapbook to Leaf Press in January only to have it come out as a full-length trade book in November! I'll be launching it on January 20th, if you're in Vancouver.

Thanks once again this year to PRISM international for simultaneously posting my interviews on their site. I hope to bring more interviews, and book profiles, and quotes your way in 2018, if the world isn't submerged in nuclear fire.

Happy New Year, all!

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