the glow that conceived them

David Ishaya Osu: How long does it take you to finish a poem?

Adeeko Ibukun:One can’t be certain. Some poems already exist in a reality (that I believe is higher than me) and only seek to exist here, locating me. So I complete them faster than others. They are just there. Whole. Complete. Most other poems I struggle to complete. Words on the page are hues my poems channel to capture a glow of presence. It is complete only when the eventual image is, or a fair compromise of, that glow that conceived them. There shouldn’t be a definite timeline to complete a poem; I believe that may become too much of a burden for the writer. And because the process of writing is rigorous, you need hope to fire on, you need that inkling that the work will eventually turn out well, that all the efforts will be worth it.

- Adeeko Ibukun, in conversation with David Ishaya Osu over at The Puritan. You can read the whole thing here

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