Poetry 1 - My New Online Poetry Course with SFU Creative Writing


If you're interested in learning more about poetry while you're stuck at home this winter, my online, asynchronous "Introduction to Poetry" course with SFU Creative Writing has been expanded and rebranded as "Poetry 1", the first of three poetry courses students can move through within the program. ("Poetry 2", taught by Kevin Spenst, will be offered in April.)
Poetry 1 is almost twice as big as its predecessor. Over ten weeks, we'll explore traditional poetic forms and the secrets that have made them last, which you can apply to your poetry and prose: rhyme, metre, repetition, metaphor, associative movement, enjambment, revision, performance - you name it!
This is an intensive course (you'll read a whole bunch, complete writing exercises, engage in class discussions, and workshop one another's writing), but it's designed to be open to anyone - no experience necessary. And because the course is online and asynchronous, anyone in the world can join in on the fun, too (I've had students from South Korea, Japan, the UK, and more!).
The Winter offering starts on January 20th, and is already filling up. I'd love to work with you, so if you're interested, register soon!

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