"five things" archive

This Morning in a Morning Voice - Todd Boss

The Sea Eats Our Land - Kwesi Brew

jasper texas 1998 - Lucille Clifton

Alligator Boots - Doug Draime

Savannah Rain, West Africa - Daniela Elza

Non Redibimus - Jill Alexander Essbaum

Without Roots - Edith Faalong

The Colonel - Carolyn Forché

The Other River - Terry Glavin

Canada - Henrietta Goodman

Oceanic - John Grey

Feeling the draft - Bob Hicok

At the Galleria Shopping Mall - Tony Hoagland

Station - Maria Hummel

Cactus Love - Jeff Latosik

TDCJ Reel - Donato Mancini

In Time - W.S. Merwin

For Sue: Lev's Late Wife - Joseph Victor Milford

What will I say of this time? - Kerry Mulholland

Hole 2 (East Facing West) - Sachiko Murakami

The Lie - Don Paterson

Song in my Heart - Diane Seuss

The Melon - Charles Simic

Korean Echo - Tom Sheehan

A Good Fish - Derek Sheffield

The Mysterious Arrival of an Unusual Letter - Mark Strand

for k - Jeffery Van den Engh

Skunk - Zachariah Wells

Honest Things - Kelly Jean White