high altitude poems

poems o' mine in high altitude poetry (pdfs):

The New Canada (july 04) [fulltext here]

I sometimes wonder about fruitflies (september 04) [fulltext here]

foreigner (november 04) [fulltext here]

irradiated (january 05) [fulltext here]

i'd studied mao (march 05) [fulltext here]

these two dogs (july 05) [fulltext here]

questions to the stars (september 05) [fulltext here]

howl (september 05)

a long story
(november 05) [fulltext here]

i want a poem (march 06) [fulltext here]

upon my graduation from simon fraser university (may 06) [fulltext here]

The Next Great Proletarian Revolution (july 2006) [fulltext here]

midas (september 2006) [fulltext here]

on women and CFCs (november 2006) [fulltext here]

the warmth at the heart of stones (november 2006) [fulltext here]

five hours from Tamale, back of the bus (january 2007) [fulltext here]

January 17th, 2007, Ada Foah (march 2007) [fulltext here]

my body has been devouring me for months (march 2007) [fulltext here]

after the game (september 2007)

my wife tells me about the plane crash (november 2007) [fulltext here]

Hastings and Carrall (march 2008) [fulltext here]

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