2010 Pandora's Poetry Awards - Go Vote!

The finalists for the aforementioned Pandora's Poetry Awards (for community involvement) have been announced. There are four categories, five finalists for three of the categories, one selected by the Collective:

Steve Duncan
Heather Haley
Ariadne Sawyer
Fernanda Viveiros
RC Weslowski

BC Writing Mentor

Ivan Coyote
Brad Cran
Jen Currin
Eileen Kernaghan
Betsy Warland


Warren Dean Fulton (Pooka Press)
Memewar Arts and Publishing Society (Memewar)
Paul Taylor (Downtown Eastside Newsletter)
Alan Twigg (BC Bookworld)
David Zieroth (Alfred Gustav Press)

Pandora's Collective Citizenship Award

Daniela Elza

Congrats to Daniela for her well-deserved recognition. And to the finalists for the other awards. It's refreshing to be reminded of all that's happening out there in Vancouver - and to think of how many more individuals and organizations could have been included among the finalists (a list many times longer than this one)!

Alright, now go vote for the winners!

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