Lyric - my new chapbook (order by October 1st!)

My new chapbook, Lyric, is ready to order! I've seen a proof copy and it looks beautiful.

The chapbook is being published by The Alfred Gustav Press, an excellent series that I've rambled on about in the past. As usual, my chapbook will be one of three in a package - you have to buy all three, and you have to pre-order. Fortunately, it's cheap ($10 for all three!) and the other two chapbooks are by very strong poets: Shane Neilson and Diane Tucker.

Here are the write-ups for our three chapbooks:

Elision: the Milton Acorn Poems, by Shane Neilson

Elision is a series of lyric poems based on the biography of Acorn, a force in Canadian poetry. Shane Neilson tries to capture that force without taming it: the poems roughhouse as they venerate, they are pieces of irreverent worship, but they stick to the sad arc of Acorn's life, authenticating themselves in the questions asked by the example of this dead Canadian master.


Lyric, by Rob Taylor

Lyric is a long poem about the loss of a father and the lessons on love and language that follow. Lyric’s form, an extended glosa, arises from the ten lines of an untitled poem by Al Purdy.


Sandgrain Leaf, by Diane Tucker

Sandgrain Leaf speaks into being the birds, bugs and flowers the poet learned to love while growing up in a blue-collar neighbourhood in south Vancouver. These poems are a handful of bright fruit, a bouquet of foxgloves, a summer morning filled with birdsong and wind in the maples.

You can read the full press release for the series here (PDF).

If you're interested in ordering a set of the three chapbooks (did I mention that it's only $10!?). To order, fill out and mail in this form (PDF). The deadline for orders is October 1st.

Note: The inset photo is of Series 4, from Spring 2010.

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daniela elza said...

congrats again, Rob,

I ordered your chapbook along with Diane's and Shane's more than five months ago.
Now if that is not dedication...:-)

The process is easy and straight forward.