TOSOO Photo Contest - Week 6, "Advent"

"To Open", © Tara Lowry
I keep expecting (pessimist that I am) that the submissions to the TOSOO photo contest will slow down, but to my delight they keep coming in! This weeks batch, inspired by my poem "Advent", is as strong as any, including the above photo by Tara Lowry and the below photo by Alais Mara.

© Alais Mara
Thank you, as always, to everyone who contributed.

This week's poem, "You Can't Lead a Horse", is a quasi-ghazal, so it offers up a number of largely disconnected little images. I'm excited to see which of the stanzas spark photos. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for the poem and the guidelines - submissions are due in by next Wednesday!

And remember, it's only two weeks now until the big event!

All of the photos (from all eight weeks of the contest) will be shown in a slideshow during the TOSOO book club event at the end of the month. The event is free and open to everyone - you can RSVP here.

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