TOSOO Photo Contest - Week 7, "You Can't Lead a Horse"

© David Jez

We're in the home stretch now! Results from the second-to-last week of the TOSOO photo contest are in. This week's batch, inspired by my poem "You Can't Lead a Horse", includes the above photo by David Jez and the below photo by Liisa Hannus.

"Light will dance with many partners, but none like water", © Liisa Hannus

The last poem of the series takes things in a different direction - no more water or horses! Instead, we're getting meta with "Computer Monitor Ekphrasis". I'm more curious than ever about what/if this poem will inspire. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for the poem and the guidelines - submissions are due in by Wednesday at 6 PM.

And (in case you've lost track) the book club event that this is all leading up to is less that a week away!

All of the photos (from all eight weeks of the contest) will be shown in a slideshow during the TOSOO book club event on Sunday. The event is free and open to everyone - you can RSVP here.

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