BC Poetry 2018: "Normal Women" by Megan Fennya Jones (Rahila's Ghost Press)

Aliens & Anorexia
To empty and empty again – to treat my body like a wide chute
through which rain
and dark shapes rattle – this continues to be a radical act for me.

We lost another girl last week
to potato chips and dip. She won’t be coming back,
not after that. Today: celery with peanut butter
looks like giving up to me. 
I can go to the toilet
but I am accompanied.

Suzanne sits in a chair while I pee. 
She talks about her daughter: twenty-one and loooooves to shop:
loves pashminas, loves jewel tones—
soft arms draped in sapphire, emerald green to match her eyes.

It makes things harder when someone watches you pee:

it makes you hurt somewhere new.

Like your body is a space suit you could lift 
your soul out of and drift away from
but this woman watching you pee
she would hold on to the tiniest wisp of you, she would.


Megan Jones is a poet whose work can be found in Poetry is Dead, SAD Mag, Lemonhound, PRISM International and the anthology The City Series: Vancouver from Frog Hollow Press. She lives on unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations (Vancouver, BC).


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Treating your body like a wide chute.

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