splattered earth makes its (triumphant?) return


I've finally printed new copies of my first chapbook, splattered earth. This means online sales are open again (the price will stay the same despite the bonus poem - what a steal).

They are $3.25 online (including S&H, North America only), $2.00 at Magpie Magazines and People's Co-op Bookstore (both on Commercial Drive), and $1.50 in person - a buck each if you want 3 or more.

Oh! And The Dalhousie Review provided me with a whack of copies of my poem "viciously in our throats", which appeared in their last issue. So, as a bonus item, the first nine sales will include a copy of "viciously". I'm planning on including the poem in my next chapbook, child of saturday, so it's a sneak preview of sorts...

Still not convinced that you should buy seventeen copies? Want more info on the chapbook? The details are here.

Oh, and now that I have a scanner, I can bring you a sample page. How exciting!

Click on the image to enlarge it (and thanks to iamb for originally publishing this poem waaay back in early 2006, when the top of my skull was still soft).


Anonymous said...

Cheers for the shout out last night! I credit it with summoning the extra inspiration I needed to win the game. Good poem too!

Rob Taylor said...

ha...anything i can do :)