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This sounds awesome
. Like Vancouver Poetry from way back in 1986, but with maps. The "Poems should ideally be a two-sonnet length" part is, well, strange, so who knows - but I still like the idea, and was once thinking of doing something similar myself...


An all video poetry mag. Neat, eh?


One Cool Word is launching its new issue - which apparently includes a poem of mine (not sure which...). Unfortunately, they are launching it at the same date and time as The Newlove-athon, which this kid has already pledged to attend.

They'll both be great events, so if you are in town, you should definitely take one of them in. In all likelihood the OCW party will involve more dancing, but I make no guarantees.

Here's a poster with the deets:

Listen 2:

Not only is this a second "Listen" entry, the poster is for two events. Incredible. Thanks to Commercial Drive - LIVE! for pointing this out:

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