help Zach Wells go to mexico

Zachariah Wells is going to Mexico for a literary festival in March. He's also producing a chapbook of his poems translated into Spanish for that event. Nifty, eh?

He's set up one of these group-fund deals to cover the costs. In other words, you buy the chapbook (and/or other stuff) in advance, and Zach goes to Mexico.

Click on the little widget deal below to learn more about Zach's project, and what you can buy:

Zach's chapbooks are always a good read, and worth having, and you can get a signed copy for $15. So buy one maybe? Nine out of ten UZWs (Unimpressed Zach Wells') say they would be impressed if you did.


Zachariah Wells said...

I may be unimpressed, but I'm grateful. Gracias, Roberto!

Rob Taylor said...

De nada, Zach. Good luck!