Pandora's Collective 10th Birthday Bash

I know what you're hoping for... but wait for it, ok?

First off, the details on what should be a fanastic evening:

Pandora's Collective 10th Birthday Party + Fundraiser
Thursday, February 16th, 7 PM - Midnight
The Prophouse Cafe
1636 Venables Ave (near Commercial), Vancouver
Featuring: Oh so many presenters (including me - see poster for the full list) and music by Jess Hill, C.R. Avery and Geoff Berner
$10 (or what you can afford)

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I'm very much looking forward to being part of this event. I get to say thank you to an organization that has done a great deal to promote both my own writing and, in the early years, the work we were doing at High Altitude Poetry up at SFU. On top of that, there will be music and a movie and custom buttons (including a "Haiku 1-4" button that I'm particularly excited about) and door prizes and, as this is a birthday party... oh yes, people, you knew it was coming... there will be cake.

So come out next Thursday and we can eat cake together, ok?

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daniela elza said...

I might have been involved with Pandora's Collective for as long as I have been in Vancouver and that is getting pretty close to 10 years. Great grass-roots work... A well deserved birthday bash. And Happy Birthday Pandora's Collective!