dead poets report

Our second Dead Poets Reading Series event happened last Sunday. Project Space was packed to the point that I had to stand in a neigbouring room and lean my head in to see anything (hence the lack of close-up pictures - you can see all the pictures I did manage here).

We were caught a bit by surprise by the attendance, which was up from November. It seems the formidable power of the CBC was at work, as an interview with Christopher Levenson and myself about the series had aired on North by Northwest that morning (at some point between 6 and 9 AM - needless to say, I didn't hear it myself), and a number of people mentioned having come out because they heard about it on NXNW. I haven't been able to track down the audio of the interview yet, but if I find it anywhere I'll link it here. Thanks so much to Sheryl MacKay for taking the time (and airtime) to chat with us a bit.

The readings were all quite wonderful, each in its own particular, quirky way. Heidi Greco has a great recap of them here.

Our next event will be on March 11th, and will be the Vancouver leg of the cross-country Irving Layton Centenary celebrations. We are still looking for a few readers for that. You can read more information on how to get involved on the DPRS website.

Thanks to everyone who came out, especially our readers!

From L to R: Garry Thomas Morse (Jack Spicer), Miranda Pearson (Stevie Smith), Diane Tucker (Christina Rossetti), David Zieroth (Thomas Hardy), John Donlan (Edward Thomas)

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