shocks me out of the minutia

Chad Pelley: Any pet peeves with the book industry?

Jacob McArthur Mooney: Sure, but why bother? I mean, there’s too few good book stores, too many shitty ones, and the wrong books get read by the wrong people for the wrong reasons. But my problem with complaining is this: my dad is a butcher. My grandfather worked odd jobs for forty years. They both would have been much happier doing something else with their lives. There are many injustices afoot in the book world, and people have often said brilliant things about those injustices’ root causes, but I can’t stay invested in that conversation. I always find myself drifting back to the historical unlikelihood of my being able to spend this much time with something as beautiful and useless as a poem. It shocks me out of the minutia. Not to be a brute about serious and complex things, but I’m just too fucking lucky to care.

- Jacob McArthur Mooney, in interview with Chad Pelley for Salty Ink. The interview also includes the line, "Blogs eat subtlety and poop out earnestness." So read it here already, ok?

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