frankness can let you down

I feel about Groundwork that, for all that these poems are mytho-poetic, it's also a very personal book, which I think is clear in various ways. I think that would make it fresh for any writer who had an honest bead on their own situation, or tried to - to talk about that through these stories. It's a funny thing sometimes: frankness can let you down as a means of expression. You can try to talk about your experience in the plainest way and end up feeling like you've only betrayed it. And sometimes the masks of myth can actually allow you to speak more plainly and more accurately about your experience.

- Luke Hathaway (formerly Amanda Jernigan), in interview with Bernadette Rule for Art Waves, about his new book, Groundwork, which explores the myths of Adam and Eve, and Odysseus (and, from what I've read so far, is pretty darn great). You can listen to the whole thing here.

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