new writing group in deep cove - seeking members

A message from a good friend on the North Shore, for those of you up there who might be looking to join a writing group:

Hi All,

My name is Alais Harris. I live on the North Shore in Deep Cove and am looking to start a monthly writing group in the Cove. Some of the things I am looking for in a writing group would be: a place to share work of any genre (though as the group evolves we can refine that to reflect the group's interests); a place to get honest, constructive feedback on work; and a creative atmosphere where new ideas and projects can be generated.

This writing group would take place at the Artemis Gallery, a warm, open space that gives us lots of room get comfortable and share ideas.

If you feeling a little lacking in creative inspiration, or long for a productive environment in which you can share your prose or poetry, or just want talk with people who love writing as much as you do, email me at alais_fairlight(at)hotmail.com.

I have arranged for the writing group to take place on the second Thursday of every month at 7:30 - 9:00 PM. We can begin as soon as next month if people are interested. There are amenities for simple food preparation at the gallery if we decide we want to bring snacks and drinks, or, across the street is a pizza place with great-tasting pizza.

The cost to rent the space for the evening is 50$ so I will be asking people to contribute a donation of 5-7 dollars.


Alais Harris

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