Al Purdy Poetry Night - This Friday!

We interrupt the regularly scheduled "BC Poetry 2016" with a related special announcement. This series is, in part, about bringing BC poetry with me to Ontario while I work as the writer-in-residence at the Al Purdy A-frame, so I would be remiss to not take a quick pause to note a great event, and A-frame fundraiser, happening this Friday. The details:

Al Purdy Poetry Night
Friday, April 22nd, 7 PM
Cottage Bistro
4470 Main Street, Vancouver
Featuring: George Bowering, Elizabeth Bachinksy, Raoul Fernandes, Zsuzsi Gartner, Danny Peart, Kate Braid, Wayde Compton and Gillian Jerome
$10 (all proceeds to the A-frame Association)

All credit to Danny Peart for organizing this knockout lineup. I'll be missing you all, and cheering you on from Ameliasburgh!

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