BC Poetry 2016: "th book" by bill bissett (Talonbooks)

i live in a well

its parshulee

ths is a deep

sumtimez i

sumtimez i

whats th diffrens

can yu tell

dew yu know


bill bissett garnered international attention in the 1960s as a pre-eminent figure of the counter-culture movement in Canada and the U.K. In 1964, he founded blewointment press, which published the works of bpNichol and Steve McCaffery, among others.

bissett’s charged readings, which never fail to amaze his audiences, incorporate sound poetry, chanting and singing, the verve of which is only matched by his prolific writing career—over seventy books of bissett’s poetry have been published.

A pioneer of sound, visual and performance poetry—eschewing the artificial hierarchies of meaning and the privileging of things (“proper” nouns) over actions imposed on language by capital letters; the metric limitations imposed on the possibilities of expression by punctuation; and the illusion of formal transparency imposed on the written word by standard (rather than phonetic) spelling—bissett composes his poems as scripts for pure performance and has consistently worked to extend the boundaries of language and visual image, honing a synthesis of the two in the medium of concrete poetry.

Whether paying tribute to his hometown lunaria or exercising his native tongue dissent, bissett continues to dance upon upon the cutting edge of poetics and performance works.

bill bissett was recently a featured poet on the Heart of a Poet series, produced in conjunction with Bravo! TV.

Among bissett’s many awards are: The George Woodcock Lifetime Achievement Award (2007), the BC Book Prizes Dorothy Livesay Prize (2003) for peter among th towring boxes / text bites, and the BC Book Prizes Dorothy Livesay Prize (1993) inkorrect thots.


New poems from Canada’s shaman of sound and performance poetry, bill bissett. bissett’s innovations in sound poetry shaped poetry, music, painting, and publishing and have stimulated, provoked, influenced, shocked, and delighted audiences for half a century.

In this new collection of concrete poems, bissett writes “poemes uv greef transisyun n sumtimes joy byond binaree constraints if evreething goez what is aneething accepting nihilism lettr texting as an approach 2 heeling sorrow denial.”


Arriving April 21st, 2016.


Book Launches: April 26th, Pyatt Hall (Vancouver).

Purchases: The Talonbooks website, or at your local bookstore. $19.95.


Paying tribute to his hometown lunaria.

The copyrights of all poems included in the series remain with their authors, and are reprinted with the permission of the publishers.

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